Waterproofing—New & Repair


Some decks (and driveways), are over living spaces or have the need for a waterproof surface. If not applied properly, expensive damage can take place below that will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair. Be careful who you have install your waterproofing membrane on your deck. There is only one way, the right way, to install a waterproof membrane to insure that no leaks occur. Our staff has been installing membranes for over twenty years and have NEVER had a failure.

Walls and Windows:
All too often, windows and doors are installed without proper flashing & waterproofing to insure a dry interior. Sometimes the original waterproofing fails after years of sun and dry heat destroys the original waterproofing paper. Doors and windows are installed by incompetent workers that are not aware of the proper way to install replacement doors and windows. These issues are all “fixable”. Our 20 years in business has given HOUSAVERS the insight to find & repair these types of problems.

We have the means to correct foundation leaks from the inside. Although most experts will tell that a “French drain” to take the water away from the exterior of the foundation is the only way to stop water intrusion, this is not correct, New products have been developed in recent years that can save thousands of dollars in this area. Let HOUSESAVERS take a look and see what can be done.