In 1994, Deckmasters was founded by Steve Hance with a deep understanding of the unique topography and architectural needs for deck preservation in the greater Marin County area. Steve and his partner at the time, Scott Demming, personally took on the task of power washing and preserving decks during the inaugural season in '94. This experience revealed a pressing demand for knowledgeable and high-quality wood preservation specialists.

Following the successful first season, it became evident that additional assistance would be required in the summer of '95 to meet the growing demand. Enter Brandon Slack, a young and ambitious 19-year-old, who quickly grasped the intricacies of the trade and emerged as a leader in the field. Brandon ran multiple crews and developed a substantial following among Deckmasters' clients.

With full confidence in Brandon's ability to take care of their valued clientele, Steve Hance seized the opportunity in 1999 to expand the company's services into interior and exterior painting. This partnership between Steve and Brandon led to the creation of Housesavers, a renowned powerhouse in the painting industry. During this time, Brandon honed his skills not only in painting but also specialized in Elastomeric decking membrane applications and deck construction.

In 2014, Brandon embarked on a new chapter, pursuing mastery in the art of building and remodeling. Over the next eight years, he established himself as one of the most sought-after craftsmen in northern California, undertaking prestigious projects spanning from San Jose to Sacramento and back to Marin. Eventually settling in a tranquil small town on his ranch in Volcano, CA.

In early 2023, Steve Hance approached Brandon with an important meeting. The time had come for Steve to retire, and he believed there was only one person capable of carrying on his beloved company: Brandon Slack. After an inspiring conversation, Brandon knew exactly what he had to do. Recognizing that nobody would care for the Deckmasters/Housesavers brand and clientele better than himself, he made substantial sacrifices to assume the responsibility.

With Brandon at the helm, Deckmasters enters a new era, infused with fresh core values and an expanded range of services. The company stands ready to serve as Housesavers for all your cosmetic needs, ensuring exceptional results and client satisfaction.

Company Philosophy — “Our Name Says it All!”