At Housesavers Deckmasters, our unwavering commitment to preserving and enhancing your spaces extends to comprehensive waterproofing solutions, utilizing only the industry's best products from Universal Protective Coatings. We understand the importance of protecting your structures from water damage, and our range of high-performance products is designed to meet specific needs.
Man applying a protective coat to an outdoor service to help waterproof it.Man applying a protective coat to an outdoor service to help waterproof it.

Our Offerings

Deck-50 Polyurethane Elastomeric Traffic Topping CS-402: To fortify areas exposed to heavy foot traffic, we apply Deck-50 Polyurethane Elastomeric Traffic Topping CS-402. This specialized coating ensures flexibility and durability, providing a reliable barrier against water, and contributing to the extended life of surfaces in high-traffic zones.

Wetepox Epoxy Systems for Water Storage, Swimming Pools, and Ponds: Our Wetepox Epoxy Systems are the go-to solution for water-related installations such as storage facilities, swimming pools, and ponds. These systems create a robust shield against water penetration, ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of these vital components.
Epoxy Systems for Restaurants, Food Processing, Automotive, and Pilings:Tailored for specific environments, our Epoxy Systems offer effective waterproofing for spaces like restaurants, food processing areas, automotive zones, and pilings. These systems enhance durability, safeguarding structures against water damage.
Epoxy Resin Binders for Seamless Flooring, Pebble Decking, and Other Applications: Achieve seamless and water-resistant surfaces with our Epoxy Resin Binders. Applied in various applications, including seamless flooring and pebble decking, these binders contribute to both the aesthetic appeal and longevity of the surfaces.

Hydraline - Waterproofing Product for Below Grade, Between Slab, and Planters: Hydraline serves as a specialized waterproofing product for critical areas like below-grade structures, spaces between slabs, and planters. This product forms a robust barrier against moisture and potential water seepage in these essential zones.
Impervicoat for Wall Coatings and Foam Roof Coatings: When it comes to vertical and overhead surfaces, we utilize Impervicoat as a reliable waterproofing solution. Applied to walls and foam roofs, this coating creates a strong defense against water damage in these specific applications.

Why Choose HouseSavers DeckMasters?

At Housesavers Deckmasters, our meticulous approach to waterproofing mirrors our dedication to quality service. We exclusively use the industry's best products from Universal Protective Coatings, ensuring that your structures are shielded against water-related challenges, contributing to their longevity and overall resilience. Just like our cleaning and maintenance services, we prioritize every detail, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued clients.

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